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Baldestein has transformed the idea of a normal hairdresser’s workplace into a space of interaction, rendering it an indispensable experience of Beauty and Wellbeing.

 The seven steps of your journey with Emotion:
  1. Digital display :even before entering the salon, the digital showcase focuses on the needs and desires of women who are passing, by proposing salon services, products, novelties and new trends. It invites them to enter in, discover the world of professional beauty and have a personalized consultation.
  2. Welcome Area: an area where the customer is welcomed by the staff and accompanied to the following "Step".
  3. Consulting Area: the moment for mutual discovery, the Hairstylist listens to the needs and desires of the Customer so as to provide the most appropriate services, based on a personalized consultation and a dépliant with rates for each service.
  4. Relax time: the hair-washing service becomes a real sensory journey, where textures and perfumes blend, creating a relaxing massage, a prelude to the cleansing and treatment phases, a really relaxing moment.
  5. Color Bar: a color-dedicated area where all the professional colors are shown to offer the endless possibilities of personalized choice. What for decades has been the alchemist's secret laboratory is now openly on display for all to see: blends, application tools and techniques are no longer a hidden secret, but now the colorist can explain to the Customer what plays of light and color would be more suited to the shape of her face, skin-color and what is pleasing to her.
  6. Shopping Area: An area dedicated to shopping where the customer, after the experience and advice received, will be able to choose her own beauty regime. A well-organized shopping area where you can move around freely, choosing products at your leisure, with all the information you need to make your choice. The monitor located in this area lets you pass the EAN code below the barcode reader to find information about the product, ingredients, price and suggested complementary products. The customer can also pick up the products, touch, open and smell them, discover new lines, best sellers, seasonal products and promotional offers.
  7. Selfie Mirror: After completing the process, the Customer will be able to take a ‘Selfie’ and immediately post it to her favorite social network, sharing her new look with her online community. The Selfie Mirror is an interactive monitor, allowing you to store images and also create a useful gallery of the services you have received for future visits to the salon.
We look forward to guiding you through your fantastic ‘Emotion’ journey!

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